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Stegosaurus (4|5|-4|2) 132g (Ultra Lightweight)

Stegosaurus (4|5|-4|2) 132g (Ultra Lightweight)

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Discover the Stegosaurus: A Time-Tested Mid-Range Disc for Disc Golf

The Stegosaurus is the quintessential mid-range driver, thoughtfully designed to introduce a touch of turn, followed by a controlled end-fade. When configured in a lighter weight, it showcases increased understability beyond its flight rating, ensuring versatile performance. This mid-range disc proves invaluable for young disc golf enthusiasts seeking precision and consistency in their game. With a slightly deeper rim that evokes a "frisbee-like" feel, it's an ideal selection for beginners, helping them master those crucial fades toward the basket and setting the stage for effortless short putts.

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