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Sky Walker Horizon FD1 – Casey White Tour Series (7|4|0|2) 173g

Sky Walker Horizon FD1 – Casey White Tour Series (7|4|0|2) 173g

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Introducing the Horizon FD1: Casey White's Signature Series Disc by Discmania

Discmania's Horizon FD1, one of the most beloved fairway molds, has received a vibrant transformation with Casey White's inaugural Signature Series disc. This dependable mold has gained a reputation as one of the most consistent discs in our lineup, and the introduction of Horizon plastic extends your shot-making possibilities.

Compared to the standard C-Line versions, the Sky Walker, while not a direct match to the FD2 of the past, offers a similar feel. You'll find that it facilitates straighter throws with reduced effort, provides a touch more glide, and enhances grip on the plastic.

For a dynamic duo on the disc golf course, consider pairing a Sky Walker with a C-Line FD1. Together, they create an extraordinary combination that's bound to elevate your game. Discover the Horizon FD1 by Casey White and add a new dimension to your disc golf arsenal today!

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