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Reko K1 Soft (3|3|0|1) 172g

Reko K1 Soft (3|3|0|1) 172g

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Introducing the K1 Soft Reko: Kastaplast's Premier Putter!

Discover the unparalleled tactile satisfaction offered by this flagship putter as it rests comfortably in your grip. Experience not only its remarkable touch but also its graceful flight. The K1 Soft Reko stands as a versatile disc designed for both tee shots and precision within the putting circle. Enhanced with a refined design featuring a subtle bead, releasing the disc is effortless, devoid of any clinging sensation. This extraordinary disc excels both off the tee and around the green, effortlessly managing powerful throws and delivering a consistent flight trajectory even at lower speeds. Don't delay—secure your Kastaplast K1 Soft Reko today to elevate your disc golf performance to new heights!

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