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Prism Proton Envy - Team Series - Rebirth (3|3|0|2) 175g

Prism Proton Envy - Team Series - Rebirth (3|3|0|2) 175g

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Introducing the Eagle McMahon Prism Proton Envy by Axiom—a tribute to new beginnings and inner fire, depicted as a phoenix rising from the ashes. Named "Rebirth," this triple-foil stamp, expertly crafted by Mike Inscho, adorns Eagle's personal favorite mold, the Prism Proton Envy. Secure your piece of disc golf history as the first in a series directly supporting Eagle McMahon!

Experience the pinnacle of throwing putters with this upgraded edition. Crafted from Prism Proton plastic, it boasts unparalleled aesthetics and an exquisite feel. The Envy, known for its reliable stability, offers the perfect balance—capable of powerful rips yet delivering impressive distance. Don't miss out on Eagle McMahon's inaugural release with Axiom/MVP—a cause for genuine excitement in the disc golf community!

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