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Neutron Hex (5|5.5|-1|1) 174g

Neutron Hex (5|5.5|-1|1) 174g

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Introducing the Axiom Neutron Hex Disc—an ideal companion to the MVP Reactor. While the Reactor leans towards being slightly overstable, the Neutron Hex emerges as an exceptionally straight Axiom midrange. Its flight characteristics make it a versatile choice for shaping a variety of shots with precision. Even at high speeds, it exhibits a subtle flip without the risk of turning and burning. The Neutron Hex boasts a pleasing plastic feel, occasionally adorned with subtle swirls. Perfect for maneuvering through wooded terrain and executing delicate approach shots, the Axiom Neutron Hex disc is a must-have for your arsenal. Elevate your game—secure your Axiom Neutron Hex disc today!

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