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Neutron Crave Sarah Hokom (6.5|5|-1|1) 166g

Neutron Crave Sarah Hokom (6.5|5|-1|1) 166g

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Introducing the Sarah Hokom Neutron Crave by Axiom—an exceptional fairway driver designed to bridge the gap between midranges and traditional fairway drivers. With a modest speed rating of 6.5, this mold offers remarkable glide and impressive distance relative to its speed. Featuring a subtle turn and a gentle fade, the Sarah Hokom Crave excels at executing dead straight shots with precision.

Regarded by many as a seasoned fairway driver straight out of the box, these discs maintain their integrity even under full power throws or when dialed back. Renowned for its ability to hold any line effortlessly, this signature disc is ideal for navigating wooded fairways and open shots alike. Tailored to suit the playing style of Sarah Hokom, it offers versatility for a variety of lines, particularly excelling in her sidearm game.

Unquestionably one of the finest and most manageable fairway drivers available, the Sarah Hokom Neutron Crave is a must-have for any disc golfer seeking reliability and control. Don't miss out—secure your Sarah Hokom Neutron Crave today!

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