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Lots K1 Glow X-OUT (9|5|-1|2) 175g

Lots K1 Glow X-OUT (9|5|-1|2) 175g

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Kastaplast K1 Lots – Exceptional Straight-Flying Fairway Driver

Discover the Kastaplast K1 Lots, an extraordinary addition to Kastaplast's lineup of premium plastic discs. As a consistent manufacturer of high-quality plastic materials, Kastaplast continues to impress with the Lots, a brand-new mold designed for precision and performance. This fairway driver excels in delivering a remarkably straight flight path, making it an ideal choice for navigating tight lines in wooded environments.

Key Features:

  • Precision Carving: The Kastaplast K1 Lots is expertly crafted for carving precise lines, especially in wooded landscapes. Its straight-flying capabilities ensure accurate throws through challenging courses.

  • Impressive Glide: The disc's excellent tactile experience is enhanced by a subtle dome that contributes to remarkable glide potential. This feature adds finesse to your throws, allowing for longer and controlled flights.

  • Versatile Stability: Positioned between the overstable Stal and the subtly stable Falk, the K1 Lots seamlessly fills the gap within Kastaplast's assortment of 9-speed drivers. This balanced stability makes it a versatile choice for various throwing styles and course conditions.

  • Comprehensive Set: Kastaplast's range of 9-speed drivers is now complete with the addition of the K1 Lots. This comprehensive set ensures that every role on the course is thoughtfully covered, providing disc golfers with a diverse toolkit.

  • Dependable Performance: The Kastaplast K1 Lots boasts a reliable and unwavering flight path, making it a go-to disc for consistent throws. Its predictable trajectory and stability inspire confidence in your shots, whether off the tee or for precise approaches.

Upgrade your disc golf game with the Kastaplast K1 Lots. As a testament to Kastaplast's dedication to quality, this remarkable fairway driver is a must-have for both new and experienced players. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add the K1 Lots to your collection of Kastaplast molds. Order yours today and experience the difference on the course!

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