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K1 Soft Kaxe Z (6|5|0|2) 172g

K1 Soft Kaxe Z (6|5|0|2) 172g

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Introducing the K1 Soft Kaxe Z: A Swift 6-Speed Midrange Disc by Kastaplast.

Meet the K1 Soft Kaxe Z, a dynamic 6-speed midrange disc meticulously engineered for swift performance by Kastaplast. While retaining the essence of a midrange, its assertive wing design amplifies speed while preserving remarkable control. Bearing close resemblance to its kin, the Kaxe, the Kaxe Z differentiates itself by delivering a more direct trajectory than its overstable counterpart. As a beadless rendition of the Kaxe, this disc becomes your preferred choice for seamless forehand and backhand throws, catering seamlessly to straight midrange and fairway shots.

Embracing a comprehensive range of premium plastics, the K1 Soft Kaxe Z showcases Kastaplast's diverse offering. With this singular mold, you effortlessly integrate an array of shot styles, enriching your disc golf repertoire. Witness the convergence of control and versatility within a single disc—the K1 Soft Kaxe Z stands as the ultimate hybrid disc for both midrange and fairway shots. Don't miss out—seize your K1 Soft Kaxe Z today and elevate your game!

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