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K1 Soft Kaxe (6|4|0|3) 171g

K1 Soft Kaxe (6|4|0|3) 171g

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Introducing the Kaxe: Experience the Agility of a 6-Speed Midrange by Kastaplast.

Meet the Kaxe, a dynamic 6-speed midrange disc crafted with precision by Kastaplast. Merging the essence of a midrange with an assertive wing design, this disc reaches impressive speeds while maintaining exceptional control. Sporting a generally flat profile, it offers a satisfying feel for both forehand and backhand grips. Beyond its versatility, the Kaxe excels as both a straight-to-overstable fairway driver and a swift overstable midrange, instilling a sense of confidence and even a touch of bravado on the course.

The Kaxe is available in Kastaplast's full range of premium plastics, enabling you to introduce diverse shot styles with a single mold. Encompassing control and versatility, this disc represents the epitome of a true disc golf hybrid. Don't miss out—embrace the Kastaplast Kaxe today and elevate your game to new heights!

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