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K1 Soft Falk (9|6|-2|1) 174g

K1 Soft Falk (9|6|-2|1) 174g

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K1 Soft Falk – Unlock Remarkable Glide and Versatility

Are you seeking enhanced glide? If so, the solution lies within the K1 Soft Falk. Kastaplast introduces this hybrid 9-speed disc, designed to cater to all levels of arm speeds. Boasting a -2 turn rating, it becomes the ultimate choice for executing graceful anhyzers and hyzer flips, offering incredible gliding capabilities that impress even the strongest throwers. For those with slower arm speeds, the Falk transforms into a dependable straight-flying fairway disc, facilitating seamless navigation through wooded environments. Embracing an ergonomic design, the Falk delivers an excellent tactile experience while ensuring considerable distance within the 9-speed category. Available in a variety of plastic types, you're sure to discover a Falk that aligns with your preferred feel. Devotees of Swedish plastic will seamlessly integrate the Falk into their disc lineup, whether for precise hyzer flip shots, roller techniques, or expansive anhyzers. Don't miss the opportunity—secure your K1 Soft Falk today and elevate your game.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Glide: The K1 Soft Falk is engineered to provide exceptional glide, making it a dream for players in need of elevated disc flight.

  • Versatile Hybrid: A 9-speed hybrid design ensures suitability for a range of arm speeds, offering flexibility to both experienced and novice players.

  • Anhyzers and Hyzer Flips: With a -2 turn rating, the Falk is a go-to choice for executing graceful anhyzers and hyzer flip shots that sail effortlessly through the air.

  • Straight Fairway Navigator: For those with slower arm speeds, the Falk serves as a dependable and straight-flying fairway disc, adept at precision shots through wooded areas.

  • Ergonomic Feel: The Falk is crafted for an exceptional tactile experience, ensuring comfort and control with every throw.

  • Plastic Variety: Available in multiple plastic types, you can discover the perfect Falk with a feel that suits your preferences.

Elevate your game with the K1 Soft Falk – a disc that not only provides unparalleled glide but also offers remarkable versatility across various shot types. Embrace the Swedish quality and design that Kastaplast is renowned for and add the Falk to your disc golf arsenal today!

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