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Retooled K1 Line Kaxe (6|4|0|3) 175g

Retooled K1 Line Kaxe (6|4|0|3) 175g

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Discover the K1 Kaxe: Your Swift 6-Speed Midrange Disc by Kastaplast.

Introducing the K1 Kaxe, a meticulously crafted high-speed midrange disc from Kastaplast. This disc seamlessly merges midrange attributes with an assertive wing design, delivering impressive speeds without compromising control. With its notably flat profile, it offers a comfortable grip for both forehand and backhand throws. The Kaxe is a versatile disc, functioning as both a straight-to-overstable fairway driver and a rapid overstable midrange, instilling a sense of confidence and flair on the course.

Available across Kastaplast's premium plastics range, the K1 Kaxe empowers you to introduce diverse shot styles using a single mold. A true fusion of control and versatility, it stands as an authentic disc golf hybrid. Don't delay—seize your Kastaplast K1 Kaxe today to elevate your gameplay to new heights!

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