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K1 Line Falk (9|6|-2|1) 171g

K1 Line Falk (9|6|-2|1) 171g

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Introducing the K1 Falk: Your Ultimate Disc Golf Glide Solution

Discover the Kastaplast K1 Falk, the ultimate 9-speed hybrid disc designed to meet all your gliding needs. This versatile disc is tailor-made for players of all arm speeds, offering outstanding performance and precision.

Key Features:

Exceptional Glide: With a -2 turn rating, the K1 Falk excels in executing anhyzers and hyzer flips. It effortlessly cruises through the air, delivering remarkable glide, especially for players with a powerful throw.

Dead-Straight Fairway Workhorse: Even for players with gentler arms, the K1 Falk transforms into a dead-straight fairway workhorse. It's your go-to choice for navigating wooded areas with precision.

Tactile Feel: The Falk's tactile feel enhances the overall experience, promising substantial distance despite its 9-speed designation.

Variety of Plastic Blends: Choose from a variety of plastic blends to find your ideal Falk, a disc that resonates with Swedish plastic aficionados.

Whether you need controlled hyzer flip shots, graceful rollers, or expansive long anhyzers, the K1 Falk is the perfect addition to your disc golf bag. Elevate your game and experience the ultimate in gliding performance with the K1 Falk.
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