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Infinite Discs

James Proctor Halo Conqueror (12|4|0|4) 173g

James Proctor Halo Conqueror (12|4|0|4) 173g

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Explore the power-packed performance of the James Proctor Halo Conqueror – a disc that matches the might of one of disc golf's elite players. James Proctor's exceptional power finds a perfect match in the Infinite Discs Conqueror, a fast and overstable distance driver crafted for dominating power hyzers and forehands.

With a striking Halo design, this disc not only looks impressive but also boasts durability and long-lasting performance, ensuring the Conqueror remains overstable for an extended period. Tailored for forehand players, the Infinite Discs Conqueror provides a power and stability combination that will capture the hearts of players who favor this throwing style.

Elevate your disc golf experience with the Infinite Discs Conqueror – a force to be reckoned with on the course. Don't miss the chance to wield the power of the Conqueror in your throws. Secure yours today and experience the unrivaled stability and performance that make it a standout choice for power players.

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