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James Proctor Halo Centurion – Tour Series (7|5|-1|2) 162g

James Proctor Halo Centurion – Tour Series (7|5|-1|2) 162g

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James Proctor Halo Centurion for Disc Golf - Mastering Precision in the Woods

When it comes to navigating the challenging terrain of wooded disc golf courses, taking precise routes, especially on straight shots, is essential. The Centurion by Infinite Discs is the ideal choice to expertly guide you through these tunnel-like passages with pinpoint accuracy. It's renowned for being one of the straightest discs available, offering just the right touch of turn and fade, granting you exceptional maneuverability.

The gentle fade of the Centurion perfectly complements its subtle turn, ensuring you stay on the fairway's center every time. With a speed rating of 7, it fits right in the middle of your disc golf bag, striking a harmonious balance between stability and speed. Don't be deceived by the 7-speed rating; these discs cover impressive distances, thanks to their remarkable glide.

Elevate your fairway performance by adding an Infinite Discs James Proctor Halo Centurion to your arsenal. Experience your fairway accuracy soar to new heights. Get your Centurion today!

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