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Ion Electron Soft (2.5|3|0|1) 167g

Ion Electron Soft (2.5|3|0|1) 167g

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The Electron Ion: A Disc Golf MVP Classic

The Electron Ion stands as a cornerstone in MVP's impressive putter lineup. Boasting a prominent bead for those who prefer that tactile connection, it offers a comfortable and familiar grip that many disc golfers appreciate. MVP's Ion, their very first mold, remains one of the finest choices. This putter is designed to handle significant power without flipping over, consistently delivering a gentle fade and reliable hyzer finish. A preferred selection for spin putters within the circle, the Ion showcases remarkable versatility across the entire course. It's no surprise that it's a go-to disc for World Champion Sarah Hokom. Utilizing MVP's gyro technology, the Electron Ion maximizes weight distribution along the outer rim, enhancing the disc's gyroscopic effects during flight. Embrace the power of the Electron Ion and experience the game-changing benefits it can bring to your game. Get your Electron Ion today!

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