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Houdini - Suregrip Superglow (3|3|0|3) 175G

Houdini - Suregrip Superglow (3|3|0|3) 175G

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Paladin Disc Golf is offering the new release by Gateway Discs the Houdini SureGrip SuperGlow. Here’s what Gateway says about the disc: Here to bridge the gap between Gateway’s 4 and 1 fade putters is the Houdini, their newest putt and approach disc that is capable of holding all the power and torque you can give. A deep rim and double bead provide ample room for power-gripping backhands, multi-finger flick approaches and everything in between while off the tee or at the basket. Gateway’s Superglow plastic helps ensure this disc can stay in your bag day or night for any occasion. 

Flight 3303

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