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Halo S-Blend Maya (12|5|-3|1) 173g

Halo S-Blend Maya (12|5|-3|1) 173g

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Introducing the Maya, your go-to understable distance bomber in the world of disc golf! Tailored for players ranging from beginners to intermediates, the Maya serves as an incredible straight-flying distance driver. Meanwhile, advanced and open-level players can leverage the Maya's capabilities for impressive understable distance shots.

Crafted from the exclusive Halo S-Blend, this variant adds a collectible and decorative touch, featuring a distinct color contrast between the rim and flight plate. Not just visually striking, the Halo S-Blend is a durable, high-quality plastic favored by both professional players and collectors alike.

Elevate your disc golf game with the Maya – a disc designed for unparalleled distance and versatility. Whether you're honing your skills or mastering massive understable shots, the Maya in Halo S-Blend is the perfect choice for both performance and aesthetics. Grab yours today and experience the precision and style that this exceptional disc brings to the course!

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