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Halo S-Blend Dynasty Eric Oakley (9|5|-1|2) 172g

Halo S-Blend Dynasty Eric Oakley (9|5|-1|2) 172g

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Enter the realm of disc golf excellence with the Eric Oakley Halo S-Blend Dynasty – a mold that has truly struck gold and is poised to become a bestseller in the Infinite lineup. Crafted with precision, this disc offers an exceptional feel in hand, complemented by the stunning Halo plastic adorned with a captivating stamp designed for Eric Oakley.

Whether you're a dedicated thrower or an avid collector, the Dynasty is destined to be a standout choice. Anticipate a straight flight path with a touch of flip at higher speeds and a reliable fade at lower speeds. This fairway driver is the perfect fusion of distance and control, making it an ideal companion for players seeking both power and precision.

Join the disc golf revolution and throw with confidence, knowing you're supporting Eric Oakley on tour with every Halo S-Blend Dynasty purchase. Elevate your game, add a touch of artistry to your collection, and experience the exceptional qualities that make this disc a must-have. Secure your Eric Oakley Halo S-Blend Dynasty today and be part of the dynasty!

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