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Grateful Dead Neo Method (5|5|0|3) 177g

Grateful Dead Neo Method (5|5|0|3) 177g

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The Method, Discmania's latest midrange and the second installment in their Evolution lineup, brings a delightful tactile experience, featuring a flat profile with a unique bead—a rarity among Discmania midranges. Functioning as an overstable midrange with an impressive amount of glide, the Method propels down the fairway while gently flexing back to a hyzer angle. Crafted by Latitude 64, the Neo plastic not only feels great but also boasts an appealing aesthetic.

Simon Lizotte himself has endorsed the Method, touting it as his favorite midrange after rigorous testing. This disc thrives in both forehand and backhand throws, offering the assurance of not flipping while remaining consistently stable for a dependable hyzer finish. The Grateful Dead Neo Method proudly displays the spirit of one of disc golf's beloved bands. Sporting flight numbers of 5,5,0,3, the Method has been rigorously tested and proven to align with these specifications. It excels in maintaining a hyzer trajectory while delivering high-speed stability. Don't miss out—secure your Grateful Dead Neo Method today and experience the evolution of disc golf excellence!

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