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Gote K1 Glow (4|5|0|1) 174g

Gote K1 Glow (4|5|0|1) 174g

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Introducing the 2023 K1 Glow Gote: A large-diameter midrange creation by Kastaplast, designed with a slower pace than the Kaxe while prioritizing heightened control. The Gote stands as an impressive addition to Kastaplast's disc selection, poised to become a go-to midrange for numerous professional players. Its flight profile promises exceptional straight trajectory, accompanied by a touch of fade and generous glide. This specific batch of Glow plastic, although slightly less luminous than typical K1 Glow, still offers excellent performance. If you're in search of a consistently straight midrange that you'll repeatedly rely on, the answer lies in the 2023 K1 Glow Gote. Elevate your game with this exceptional disc today.

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