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Gote K1 (4|5|0|1) 174g

Gote K1 (4|5|0|1) 174g

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Introducing the K1 Gote – a large-diameter midrange creation by Kastaplast that sets a new standard for controlled precision. With a slower pace compared to the Kaxe, this disc offers superior manageability. The Gote, Kastaplast's latest release, is poised to become the go-to midrange for numerous professional players. Its flight profile guarantees exceptional straight flight dynamics, combined with a hint of fade and substantial glide. This year, Charlie Goodpasture has chosen the Gote as his Tour Support Series disc, showcasing its reliability in various midrange distances. If you're seeking a beadless midrange to excel around the green, Kastaplast's Gote is the solution you've been waiting for. Available in multiple plastics, you might find yourself adding several to your bag. Our comprehensive YouTube review accentuates the disc's qualities, a testament to its accuracy. Rooted in Swedish craftsmanship, Kastaplast's Gote promises versatility and utility. Witness the impressive flight and performance that led Row Row to a near-ace on his last throw, powered by its forward glide and exceptional stability. Elevate your game and secure a K1 Gote – the ultimate money disc for all your midrange needs.

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