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Golem StayPut UV (4|2|0|3.5) 175g

Golem StayPut UV (4|2|0|3.5) 175g

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Introducing the Golem, your go-to overstable putt and approach disc. Engineered with a flat top and designed for a comfortable grip suitable for both backhand and forehand throws, the Golem excels as an overstable putter, delivering a straight flight with no turn and a reliable fade.

Not just limited to fair weather, the Golem is equipped to handle windy conditions, maintaining its consistent flight path. Crafted from the unique Stayput silicone rubber, this disc minimizes skips and slides upon landing, ensuring greater control. Additionally, the Stayput material offers an excellent grip for enhanced handling.

Experience precision and reliability with the Golem, a versatile disc that stands out in both performance and material innovation. Elevate your disc golf game with the Golem's overstable prowess and Stayput advantage. Secure yours today and discover the game-changing features of this exceptional disc!

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