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Latitude 64

Gold Orbit Jade – White Elephant (9|6|-2|1) 155g

Gold Orbit Jade – White Elephant (9|6|-2|1) 155g

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Latitude 64 Gold Orbit Jade – White Elephant – The Jade, featured in Latitude 64's "Easy to Use" range, offers a maximum weight of 159g, making it a favorite among beginners and players with slower arm speeds. With a comfortable fairway driver rim, the Jade is easily maneuverable, allowing for versatile flight on various lines. In comparison to its counterpart, the Diamond, the Jade leans slightly towards the overstable side. If you've tried the Diamond and are seeking a touch more stability, the Jade is the perfect choice. Explore the beauty of the Gold Orbit Jade, particularly in this festive White Elephant run with all-green and red hues, making it an ideal stamp for the holiday season. Embrace the spirit of gift-giving with this stunning plastic run!

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