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Fission Reactor (5|5|-0.5|1.5) 167g

Fission Reactor (5|5|-0.5|1.5) 167g

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Introducing the Fission Reactor—a game-changing addition to MVP's revamped midrange lineup. In recent years, MVP has undergone significant changes, and the Reactor takes center stage as a fast-feeling midrange disc that seamlessly fits into the heart of the MVP collection. Striking a perfect balance, it offers both speed and stability, allowing precise control over your throws. Crush it with confidence, as the Reactor eliminates the risk of an undesired turn and burn. Its ergonomic design feels fantastic in both forehand and backhand grips, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of players. Now available in the much-adored Fission plastic, the MVP Reactor is set to become a go-to essential for Gyro throwers. Elevate your game with the groundbreaking Fission Reactor—secure yours today!

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