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Thought Space Athletics

Ethereal Mantra (9|6|-2|1) 170g

Ethereal Mantra (9|6|-2|1) 170g

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Introducing the Ethereal Mantra by Thought Space Athletics – a game-changer in disc golf manufacturing. Renowned for their striking stamps and artwork, Thought Space Athletics now brings you the Mantra, a controllable and distance-friendly fairway driver that's making waves in the disc golf community.

Operating at a brisk pace within the fairway driver category, the Mantra stands out with exceptional glide, making it an excellent choice for players of all skill levels. For those with bigger arms, expect a touch of flip while retaining ample stability for a confident finish. Beginners will appreciate its reliability as an easy-to-throw 9-speed disc.

The Thought Space Athletics Mantra boasts a comfortable feel in hand, featuring a smoothly rising shoulder and a subtle dome that doesn't feel overly pronounced. Whether you prefer backhand or forehand throws, this disc instills confidence in knowing exactly what it will do.

Available in a variety of high-quality plastics, each with its own unique stamp, the Mantra allows you to choose the feel that suits your style. Stay tuned for more exciting discs and exceptional stamps from Thought Space Athletics, as they continue to make waves in the world of disc golf. Elevate your game with the Ethereal Mantra – a disc designed for performance and adorned with unparalleled artwork.

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