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Electron Volt (8|5|-0.5|2) 174g

Electron Volt (8|5|-0.5|2) 174g

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Experience the best-selling fairway driver from MVP, the Volt, which stands as the workhorse of their fairway lineup. Renowned for its remarkable straight flight and ability to handle powerful throws, the Volt excels in holding the line you desire. If you're a fan of Gyro technology, you'll instantly understand why the Volt has garnered so much appreciation.

And now, the Volt is available in MVP's stunning Fission plastic, enhancing its appeal and performance even further! This disc embodies superb straightness without being overly flippy, making it a versatile and reliable workhorse for various shots throughout your game.

Don't miss the opportunity to add the MVP Fission Volt to your disc golf arsenal today. Elevate your performance on the course with this exceptional fairway disc. Grab yours now and experience the difference!

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