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Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket Portable

Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket Portable

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Discover the Importance of Putting Practice from Elite Disc Golf Players!

Elite disc golf players unanimously agree: putting practice is crucial! Every golfer can benefit from having a personal practice basket, but finding the right one is key. While many durable, permanent baskets can cost over $400, cheaper alternatives often disappoint with thin chains and sparse designs, undermining your practice sessions.

Introducing the Recruit Basket – a perfect blend of tournament-quality performance and affordability for practice. Assembly and disassembly take just around 2 minutes, offering convenience for golfers. Fully equipped with necessary hardware and tools, the Recruit features 26 strands of chains on both inner and outer layers, ensuring a robust and effective practice experience.

Weighing approximately 60 lbs, this basket provides stability, and its built-in wheel on the base makes it effortlessly mobile. Whether you're prepping for tournaments or striving to boost your skills, the Recruit stands out as your top choice for a fulfilling putting practice. Elevate your game with the Recruit – the ultimate solution for serious disc golf enthusiasts!

Color: Matte Black

  • 13 inner and 13 outer chain sets that are zinc coated
  • The Recruit Basket is electrophoresed first and then powder coated for extra protection from natural elements
  • Tension screws are included for increased stability
  • The Recruit Basket is approved at the Standard PDGA level which means the basket can be used in play for any event up to, and including, a B-Tier
  • The top band on the Recruit Basket is 3" tall
  • The Recruit Basket is easy to carry in a car's trunk because the pole is made of two parts
  • The Recruit Basket is mainly meant for portable use. Permanent installation, or prolonged exposure to the elements, can eventually compromise the integrity of the basket's composition
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