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Lone Star Discs

Crockett Bravo (13|4|-1|3) 175g

Crockett Bravo (13|4|-1|3) 175g

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Introducing the Crockett: The Ultimate Long Distance Disc Golf Driver!

In today's modern disc golf game, a long-distance driver with just the right touch of neutrality is essential. The Crockett, a creation of Lone Star Discs, perfectly fits the bill, especially for players with powerful arms! Its flight is a harmonious blend of turn and stability, translating into extraordinary distance without compromising control.

For players with big arms, the Crockett's ample turn delivers the distance you crave, while its inherent stability allows you to unleash your throws without hesitation. This flight path is the holy grail for those seeking controllable, awe-inspiring distance. But don't worry, because even if your arm speed is on the slower side, the Crockett remains a dependable, overstable driver that powers down the fairway, granting you both distance and precision.

The Crockett is your ticket to the next level of your game. Don't miss out – experience the power and precision of the Crockett by Lone Star Discs. Grab one today!

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