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Cosmic Neutron Insanity (9|5|-2|1.5) 165g

Cosmic Neutron Insanity (9|5|-2|1.5) 165g

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Cosmic Neutron Insanity: The Ultimate Versatile 9-Speed Disc

Discover the Cosmic Neutron Insanity, a remarkable 9-speed disc renowned for its incredible versatility, suitable for players of every skill level. This disc is a perfect choice for beginners, offering an easy-to-control experience, while also serving as an excellent roller disc for more seasoned players. Crafted from the premium Cosmic Neutron plastic, it not only feels fantastic in your hand but also boasts an eye-catching appearance. Elevate your accuracy on the disc golf course by adding the striking Cosmic Neutron Insanity to your collection. Don't wait – secure yours today and witness the improvement in your game!

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