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Slab C-Blend Glow (11|3|0|4) 173g

Slab C-Blend Glow (11|3|0|4) 173g

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Experience the SLAB, a high-speed and exceptionally overstable distance driver boasting a flat top and wide rim. Crafted with power throwers in mind, the SLAB delivers reliable fade even when thrown with maximum force. This versatile disc excels in spike hyzer throws, powerful forehand shots, and serves as an adept wind fighter. Additionally, it proves invaluable as a utility disc for executing hard fades around obstacles.

Watch the SLAB seamlessly slice through the air under any conditions, providing the consistency and dependability that power throwers seek. Elevate your disc golf game with the SLAB, a precision-engineered disc designed for the demands of power throws and challenging course scenarios. Secure yours today and unleash the SLAB's controlled power on the course!

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