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Clay Edwards K1 Hard Stig (6|5|-2|1) 175g

Clay Edwards K1 Hard Stig (6|5|-2|1) 175g

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Introducing the Clay Edwards K1 Hard Stig – A remarkable addition brought forth by Kastaplast to fill the void left by the discontinued Kaxe Z. Positioned as a versatile disc, the Stig straddles the line between a slow fairway driver and a brisk midrange – offering the flexibility to finesse shots with a delicate touch or unleash powerful, soaring drives. Initially acclaimed as an understable fast midrange, this mold's first release garnered immense popularity. It's a key tool for Clay Edwards on the tour, supporting his year-round competition efforts. A rising star in the touring scene, Clay's skillset ensures his enduring presence for years to come. This latest run of the mold boasts a captivating aesthetic and is crafted in the stunning K1 Hard plastic, designed for both exceptional grip and enduring durability. Secure your own Clay Edwards K1 Hard Stig today, and elevate your disc golf game with this exceptional addition.

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