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Black Hole Lite Practice Basket

Black Hole Lite Practice Basket

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Tipping the scales at just a shade under 26 lbs (a noteworthy 25% lighter than the Black Hole® Pro), this basket is poised to elevate portability without compromising on durability or catching prowess! With the time-tested threaded tension connector assembly system characteristic of the Pro series of baskets, the Black Hole® Lite is an ideal choice for those seeking a more portable solution. The Black Hole® Lite is ready for drop shipping today! 

  • Seamless Matte Black Color
  • Electrophoresed first stage followed with tough powder coated outer shell for extra durability and protection
  • 25% Lighter than Pro Models
  • 12 outer and 12 inner course weighted chains equidistantly oriented for zero weak pockets – reducing cut-throughs and pole bounces
  • Sturdy all-metal construction, all joints welded
  • Uniquely engineered design – assembles or disassembles in under 1 minute
  • Compact easily transportable disassembled unit
  • Threaded tension connections for a sturdy assembly without any distracting wobble or play
  • Standard load distributed base
  • Covered by 2-year Limited Warranty. Note: Minor cosmetic imperfections and rust are not covered under warranty

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