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Alpas StayPut Glow (4|4|-2|1) 174g

Alpas StayPut Glow (4|4|-2|1) 174g

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Introducing the Alpas, a distinctive putt and approach disc crafted by Divergent Discs using their innovative StayPut technology—a flexible silicone rubber material. The StayPut material lives up to its name, enhancing ground contact to minimize unwanted skips and slides. This disc serves dual roles, excelling as an understable approach disc for navigating tight fairways with ease, and as a putter with a shallow rim and flat disc profile, catering to players who prefer such characteristics.

Ideal for new players seeking a versatile starter disc or experienced players looking for a specialized tool, the Alpas stands out as a unique choice in the disc golf realm. Elevate your game with the Alpas by Divergent Discs, a fusion of cutting-edge technology and versatile performance. Secure yours today and experience the StayPut advantage on the course!

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