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Allosaurus Egg Shell (12|6|-3|1) 124g

Allosaurus Egg Shell (12|6|-3|1) 124g

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In the summer of 2023, Dino Discs introduced the all-new Allosaurus to their lineup. Boasting a "speed 12" classification, this disc demands ample arm speed to unleash its full potential for maximum distance. It's a perfect challenge for younger players, testing their power, while also serving as a disc they can grow into over time. Additionally, for players who typically struggle with distance drivers, the Allosaurus stands out as an excellent lightweight option. Crafted with the innovative Egg Shell plastic by Dino Discs themselves, it offers abundant glide, instilling confidence with every throw. It's worth noting that while the Allosaurus was previously produced by Gateway under the 'Journey' mold, the 2023 iteration represents a fresh design from Dino Discs.

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