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2023 JB Z FLX Captain's Raptor (9|3|1|4) 175g

2023 JB Z FLX Captain's Raptor (9|3|1|4) 175g

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Explore the latest in disc golf with the 2023 edition of the Captain’s Raptor from Discraft! The acclaimed Ulibarri run returns for its third year, showcasing the sought-after Jawbreaker Z FLX plastic, a favorite among Team Discraft members. As an overstable fairway driver, the Raptor excels in power hyzers, forehands, and windy conditions.

With its comfortable grip and captivating ESP Swirl plastic design, the Captain’s Raptor promises to be a beloved addition to your disc golf collection. Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your game with this exceptional overstable 9-speed disc. Secure your own 2023 Captain’s Raptor today and experience disc golf excellence!

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