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Nate Perkens Signature Series Meta Essence (8|6|-2|1) 172g

Nate Perkens Signature Series Meta Essence (8|6|-2|1) 172g

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Nate Perkins Zen II – Discover Tranquility and Performance

Experience the mastery of tranquility embodied by Nate Perkins, a pivotal factor in his remarkable career achievements. Now, his serene demeanor finds its counterpart in the Zen II disc. Introduced as the 2022 Tour Series offering, the Zen II showcases meticulous craftsmanship using Meta Essence plastic. This material boasts captivating aesthetics, an unparalleled tactile experience, and exceptional durability. Tailored for enthusiasts seeking prolonged flights through long straight hyzer flips that appear to glide endlessly, the Nate Perkins Zen II excels in wooded settings, benefiting from the attributes of Meta Essence plastic. By acquiring this extraordinary disc, you actively contribute to supporting Nate's tour and join his journey toward continued success.

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